4 Ways Courthouse JMS Saves You Green!

Posted by Scott Kerr on Thu, Jan 06, 2011 @ 02:37 PM

A modern jury management system should not only save you money, but also cut Mother Nature some slack. Here are 4 simple ways your jury management system should keep you and the planet in green:

  1. Electronic copies: In Courthouse JMS, nearly every working or statistical report can be produced in PDF, Word, or Excel format.

    $$ Savings to you: paper, paper, paper; toner; ink; printer maintenance; IT support; the 900 times a year you refill the printer tray.

    Savings to the planet: trees from reduced paper consumption; plastics, metals, PCBs, and toxic chemicals from your old printer that don't prematurely hit the landfill.

  2. Duplex printing: when you really do need that hard copy, Courthouse JMS supports duplex printing (that's 2-sided printing for the IT nomenclature neophyte).

    $$ Savings to you: consumption of paper, toner, ink, printer maintenance cut by half.

    Savings to the planet: trees, trees, trees.

  3. Data cleansing and summons printing service: Courthouse SummonsDirect cleanses data by running it through the National Change of Address Registry, evaluating juror eligibility criteria, and CASS certifying outgoing mail.

    $$ Savings to you: reduces your document production and postage costs by eliminating 90% of your undeliverables.

    Savings to the planet: reduces the number of undelivered summons that wind up in the trash.

  4. Self-service response to jury summons and questionnaire: Courthouse eResponse, our interactive Web response system for jury management enables jurors to respond to their summons online.

    $$ Savings to you: the time it takes to you open returned summonses, read them, and deal with juror requests to be excused, disqualified, deferred to a new date (a priceless savings, really).

    Savings to the planet: paper, envelopes, stamps, greenhouse gas emissions (reduced return postage means less energy consumed by the post office).

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